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I work fast and hard, and I am thorough. Most importantly, I sincerely want to help you. It is my goal that not only will you have extra space and organization in your life, you will also feel good about what we have accomplished.

I’ve been there:
Having taken care of my mother for many years before she passed away, I am sensitive to the needs of the elderly and understand their concerns. I gently work with older adults to help them part with those treasures to provide a cleaner, safer environment.

After my mother’s death, I faced one of the most difficult tasks I've ever had--sorting through her things. I knew I couldn't keep everything that was hers, but it was so upsetting to let go. I needed help, and I know I can help you. For example, I was able to donate many of her items. Knowing that the donations were helping someone else made it easier to let go.

I know that some people prefer having everything visible and don’t want their toys, clothes, and possessions put up and out of sight. I will work with them, and you, to take incremental steps to help them part with or neatly store their things.

Thinking of downsizing? Why wait? Enjoy a clutter-free environment now. It will make your future move less stressful.

"Lynda is a lifesaver! With very little direction or supervision, she took charge of a very disorganized situation and made it all work, and FAST!!"

Peter J.

"Dear Lynda, after cleaning my fathers house so well, it sold in less than two weeks.  Thanks so much."  

Paul T.

"Lynda cleaned and organized the storage area of my store.  She worked fast.  I have a lot of expensive things back there and she is trustworthy."  

Allan R.

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