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Now is the time. Don’t feel guilty or too overwhelmed to begin to make a change. It is what it is. I will help you move forward to the way you want it to be. You don’t have to clean up before I get there. I'm not coming to judge; I’m coming to help. After my first visit, you will see results.

How I can help. Let’s ease into the process of clutter control. You can have order and serenity in your life and home, and the process of simplifying your life doesn't have to be painful. I will console, coach, and encourage you until we transform your home into a clutter-free, well-designed space. I will help you choose the best type of storage.

End result. I will help you convert your home into an organized space for you and your family and can help with home offices, craft/hobby rooms, kitchens, closets, bedrooms, garages, playrooms, and all areas of the home.

"I worked with Lynda at CDC, so I know her professionally and personally and consider her a friend. If anything, knowing someone personally makes it even more difficult to have them come look at your mess! The best things about Lynda are (1) her motivation to keep you on task and moving along (she will not waste your time or money), (2) her ability to rearrange and reorganize with the space you already have (i.e., no list of "go buy tons of things to organize yourself"), and (3) her inherent knack for organizing, meaning that she will give you tips along the way. For example, Lynda found all kinds of space I had wasted (shelves, floor space, underbed space) and used it, which got things off the floor and into a spot. AND, at the end, she took all the things I didn't want to keep and took them to Goodwill for me. Having all of the stuff hauled away right away was terrific. And now I can walk into my closet and see absolutely everything--no tripping over things on the floor, and no shifting clothes around to try and see what I have."

Cathy B.








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